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Based in Prague, "Czech Architecture and Interior Design" (C. Building & R.E. Company) focuses on providing superior design & architectural services in the commercial real estate markets throughout the Czech Republic, including advice and consultancy. We cover the whole country, including the regional centres of the Czech Republic specifically.

Through a large range of marketing tools, the international C. Building & R.E. network and the local knowledge, network and experience of our professionals we will be able to assist you in all of your real estate issues.

"Czech Architecture and Interior Design" (C. Building & R.E. Company) Prague's fundamental principle is to maintain the reputation it has built as a high-quality property advisor. Through an amalgamation of experienced expatriate staff with long exposure in the Czech Republic, and diligent Czech national property agents, C. Building & R.E. Prague in close cooperation with Austrian "Kredite" services has achieved many of its goals. This can be gauged by the increasing proportion of referral work that is now annually obtained.

The Czech market, in institutional terms, is young (the investment market is little over two years old) and therefore the more active funds who are exploiting the opportunities depend enormously on accurate property advice. Now a lot of business information about the real estate can be found on the Internet... We now has a proven track record in this aspect as testified by the ever growing list of "blue chip" clients. Our clients: medical, game, financial and insurance companies, including wholesale and retail carpet firms.

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